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by wpadmin

Indian Alternatives (IA) is a portal that intends to build reflections on issues pertaining to Indian culture. These reflections are an attempt to not only address concerns in and around India but also a possible attempt to understand the happenings in the world.  IA serves as a neutral space for people who are interested in thinking together about India and the world. The participants in these reflections are Research Scholars, Academicians, Activists, Scientists and so on.

This portal intends to take up issues on how today our intellectual world addresses the issues that bother us. The idea behind such reflections is to see the possibilities through which we can really make sense of cultural differences. It presupposes with the fact that our intellectual world is shaped by the experiences of European culture about itself and other cultures and therefore the contemporary social scientific understanding of the world is part of the European experience of the world. There are attempts to develop alternatives to such descriptions and most of the discussions on this forum are based on the premises explained above. 

IA will publish content under multiple domains pertaining to Indian culture and it will be in multilingual form. The content of this portal will be by invitation only.  There will be long academic articles (sometimes, already published or new) and there will be also popular writings. It will also have videos.

IA has been established in January 2021 by a small group of enthusiasts.

The views expressed in the posts are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the IA Editorial Board.